Ultimate Glutes Guide - 12 Week Gym Program

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Are you ready to take your glutes transformation to the next level while still having the flexibility to work on your upper body? Our 12-week glute program is designed to maximise your results, while you're at the gym 2-5 times a week for 40-60 minutes each session.

This program is:

  • Tailored to Your Goals: your focus is to build your glutes with a structured program that evolves with your through four distinct phases - including light, medium and heavy glute days.
  • Perfect for Your Schedule: Whether you can spare 2 or 5 days a week, our program fits seamlessly into your life, demanding just 40-60 minutes per workout.
  • Progressive Overload Design: Each phase of the program is designed to continuously challenge your muscles, ensuring consistent progress and peak performance.
  • Balanced Training Option: Includes an optional upper body workout day, allowing you to maintain a well-rounded fitness routine without neglecting any part of your body.


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Is this guide something for you?

It's simple: if your goal is to build your glutes, then this is the program for you. With an optional upper body day, you don't have to neglect your upper body if you still want to work it. This 12 week gym program consists of 4 different phases including light, medium and heavy leg days to ensure that you keep progressing over time. Are you ready to build some glutes?

Equipment needed

  • Access to a fully equipped gym is required.

How do I view my guide?

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