Gainsbybrains Guide - 15 Week Gym Program

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What's Inside

    • 15 Week Upper Lower Gym Training and Nutrition Guide
    • Workout Schedule with 60 min sessions 4 and 5 times per week
    • Cardio Examples
    • Ab Workouts
    • Warm Up, Activation and Finisher Routines
    • Detailed Scientific Information regarding Main Training Principles
    • Information on how to set up your diet, determine calories and macros and adjust them to suit your goals best
    • 20+ videos that extend the guide
    • Access to the private FB group

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Is this guide something for you?

This fifteen week gym-based guide will help you become stronger, increase performance and build muscle! It also explains how to make sure that your nutrition is aligned with your training, so that you can work towards your personal goals. Whether that is to maintain, recomp, shred or gain. This guide will provide you with the tools, you just need to do the work. 

Does this program include a meal plan?

No. However, it does includes a detailed nutrition part that will explain and guide you in setting up your own diet. You will be able to calculate your daily caloric needs, set up your macros and adjust them to match your goals.

Can it be done at home?

This program requires a gym membership. 

How much experience do you need to use this program?

Although this guide contains videos to give a better understanding on how to perform certain movements, it is important that you are confident in executing the main compound lifts with proper form and that you have a basic understanding of performing exercises.

How do I view my guide?

Once you’ve made a purchase, you will receive a confirmation email and a digital download email (check your spam if you haven’t seen it), the digital download email contains your downloadable and ready to use guide. You’ll get a PDF file that allows you to view the guide on all your devices. To access your guide, simply click the digital download link and save it to your device. Make sure to download your guide to keep it forever.


If you have any questions about, or experience any issues with this guide, please contact us and we'll get back to you asap!

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