I live in a different country, is that a problem?

That is not a problem at all! The only thing you need is an Internet connection, since this is a fully online and worldwide service.

Do I need a gym membership for the training programs?

All of the programs designed by GAINS BY BRAINS require a gym membership. If your individual goals do not involve building muscle, but you do want a personalized program - please send an email to: info@gainsbybrains.com

How does the email support work?

GAINS BY BRAINS offers a 24/7 email support to all clients so your email will be answered as soon as possible. You can expect a reply within 24 hours.

What happens once I have made a purchase?

After making a purchase, you will receive a payment confirmation. Within 24 hours a questionnaire will be send to you from my 'clients-only' email that you need to fill out and send back so that I can start with designing your programs.

If I purchase a program, when will the coaching period start?

The coaching period starts on the day that you receive the designed programs. 

What are the payment options available and how do I pay?

To make a payment you only need a Credit or Debit Card. You can make a payment by picking either Stripe or PayPal as your secured payment method. To ensure your private information remains safe GAINS BY BRAINS uses industry standard encryption methods. To make a payment, simply follow the instructions provided by the website.

If you encounter any issues with making a payment please send an email to: info@gainsbybrains.com

What if I have an injury?

All training programs involve strength training, you may encounter problems with specific exercises if an injury is present. Please consult a health professional before you start any of the programs, GAINS BY BRAINS gives no medical advice.

Are there any additional attributes needed for following a program?

You will need to use a food scale and a tracking app/website (free of charge).