Hi you! Sophie here. It's time for some real talk. Fitness changed my life.

Most of us hit a certain point (or points) in life where we feel like we need to change. Change is what makes us grow, right? Well, that’s exactly where I was a few years ago. I felt stuck, needed an outlet and decided to start taking some time out of my day to go to the gym and focus on myself. Best decision ever.

I quickly realised that fitness does not only makes you stronger physically, but also mentally. It is so much more than working towards your dream physique, it is about getting more disciplined and getting used to pushing and challenging yourself on a daily basis. Trust me, those aspects will transfer to other areas of your life as well.

My goal is to make others feel and experience the same. I created two fun and challenging workout guides to make you feel empowered, in control and fall in love with fitness! Whether you love doing your thing in the gym, or are a busy bee and more comfy working out from home - you’ll find something that works for you!